Monday, September 22, 2014

A litte about me ...

Hey y'all!

Welcome to Southern & Blessed! Grab you a cup of sweet tea & stay a while.

I'm fairly new to the blogging world - I say I'm "fairly" new because I've been stalking blogs for several years now. I've even attempted to have a couple myself but never stayed committed to it. I think I've finally found the time & balance in my schedule to be able to stalk & write all @ the same time.

Let me introduce myself ...

My name is Tiffany! I am 32 years old. I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls, Harlei (13) & Hannah (11). They are my world. They are every breath that I breathe. I am a Southern Country Girl. We live on a farm with all of our family. Family is #1 in my life! I am a Blessed Child of God! I Thank Him everyday for all that he has blessed me with in my life & all of the blessings that are to come. I enjoy crafting, anything outdoors, front porch sittin', sweet tea, smell of fresh cut grass, country music, Amazing Grace, 4wheelin' in the mud, laying under the stars, drag racing, bonfires, Pinterest, concerts, watching my daughter play softball, cheering on all my "other" kids in sports. The list goes on & on.

That sums me up a little - If you follow my blog you'll learn a lot more about me over time. The focus of this blog will be the life of me & my children, the juggle of my calendar weekly on how I balance my time running a Teen & a Tween all over the county to different events, the life I live on the softball field with my youngest daughter on the weekends & the crafts I get to squeeze in between all of the other things going on in our lives.

Saddle up & let's do this!

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