Friday, September 26, 2014

Thankful for ... Part 4

 10 Things I'm Thankful for ...

(in no particular order)

  1. God - Without him nothing is possible
  2. My girls - They are my world. The air that I breath daily. They are my daily motivation to be who I am & always the reason behind my smile.
  3. My grandparents - My Nanny & Papa was my world growing up. If you saw 1 or both of them you saw me. I was their 1st grandchild & only grandchild for 15 years. Spoiled? Maybe! My Nanny was my best friend. LITERALLY! We talked about everything. She passed away on August 16 of this year & my world crumbled beneath me. I am so Thankful that God allowed me to have 32 years with her by my side! & I'm so thankful that my girls were also able to experience her joy & presence just as I did.
  4. My Mama - She's my voice of reason. We are so much alike that we butt heads a lot! BUT she is my Mama ... The only one I have & I thank God for her daily! She has been my rock through so much & she has always stood by my side. 
  5. My Home - My Mama built this house in 1995. She & her husband then built a new house in 2005 & me & my little family moved into her old house. I took over the mortgage in 2007 & I'm proud to say that in less than 1 year, before the age of 35, I'll be mortgage-LESS! It's small but it's all we need.
  6. My Job - It pays my bills! Yes, it's stressful ... on more days than none! I work for a growing company & I'm thankful that I can use my knowledge & abilities to help them move forward & succeed.
  7. My Church Family - My girls & I just started back to church regularly the 1st of this year. I grew up in a old country church with my Nanny & truthfully I grew out of it. There wasn't much to do for the youth & the preaching was hard to follow. I visited around over time & when we found New Life Chapel we all knew it was home for us. Our Preacher is awesome & we get so much out of all of his services. The congregation is wonderful. You always feel love when you walk in the door or are at any church function.
  8. My girlfriends - They are the reason for my sanity. AC is my BFF ... We talk about everything daily. I know that if I've got an issue ... true reason is what I will get from her. 
  9. Good Health - I'm not sure that I know anyone that has NOT been hit with cancer in 1 way or the other. Whether it be them or family. My childhood best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 ... she is a Survivor now! My Nanny was a 28 year Survivor or breast cancer before she was diagnosed with lung & bone cancer which in 1 year took her from us. Cancer sucks! I'm thankful that me & my family are healthy. We might not be next week but today we are.
  10. Family - ALL OF THEM! From my blood to my distant. I'm thankful for the bonds I have with all of them. 
What are you Thankful for?

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  1. Great things to be thankful for! Dropping by from the SITS girls!