Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend in Review - Sept. 19-21

This weekend was fun-filled. 
Friday I got off of work @ 3 (love it that the company I work for allows our offices to close at 3 on Fridays) & went by the school to pick up H2. (H1 had a field trip scheduled for Chorus but we also had dress shopping planned & the field trip wasn't going to be back before 7. She chose to "skip" the day.) H2 & I went home & stopped by Papa's to visit him & Mama. We also had to wait for my friend, TB, & her daughter, JoJo, to get there so that we could go dress shopping --- They arrived & we loaded up the car & headed to Danville to get H1's dress. We found a couple ... none that we just LOVED but then we went to Belk. We wasn't even looking for a dress in there @ the moment & this one dress just jumped right out & it was perfect. Right size, right color & 70% LESS than the original sticker price. H1 is not a dress shopping ... let me rephrase that ... H1 is not a shopper PERIOD! After the dress shopping we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for some supper. I love that place! Supper was great - Then we headed home. 
Saturday we woke up & I tried to get a couple things done @ the house because I knew we were heading to the River Fest & would most likely be gone all afternoon. Sure enough ... we were. We left to go pick up Mama & my niece, Cambree, around 12. We went to the River Fest & walked around. It was hot & miserable. Cambree done great in the stroller. She's nosey like us so as long as she could see what was going on she was good. H1 & H2 walked around with some friends & met back up with us to leave. Cambree had gotten hot & her Mama wanted to come get her so we had to leave to go meet her. From there we done some shopping @ Belk & Wal-Mart. I dropped the girls back off @ the River Fest with some friends while I ran home to unload groceries & then I headed back down there to catch a little bit of the band they had scheduled. We walked around ... The girls signed the "Ol'e Big Pink" truck for breast cancer awareness. That hits home for us so we try to give & support as much as possible. My Nanny was a 28 year breast cancer survivor before she was diagnosed with lung cancer that took her away from us. Cancer is ugly - no matter what form it is. Homeward bound around 10 & hit the bed - Dog tired!
Sunday we missed our alarm clock & missed our morning church service. When we did finally make it up out of the bed I fixed me & the girls some Cinnamon Buns & we snuggled back up in the bed & watched The Heat w/ Sandra Bullock. We had lunch @ Papa's house & then I went home to do a little crafting. We had some old windows that I think Daddy H had gotten at an auction. I went out back & rummaged through "snake heaven" & dug out 2 of them. I cleaned them up & picked 1 for the project. I got out my craft paint & went to town. Time snuck up on me ... I had to leave it 1/2 finished so that we could make it to the evening church service. It's always such a blessing to be in the house of the Lord - even more so with our church family. There is always so much love throughout! After we got back home I finished up my project (I'll post about that tomorrow). Daddy H brought some pizza home & we went to bed. 
This is pre-wedding week for JoJo - On top of that it's Homecoming @ our local high school & H2 has a softball tournament this weekend! Needless to say my calendar is full for the week as well as the weekend! 
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