Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

Finally - Finally - Finally ... It's here! We walked out the house this morning to 55 degree weather. H2 even had her hoodie on. I LOVE IT! Have I told you before that Fall is my favorite time of the year? I can not wait to light our firepit next weekend for our "Annual Lighting of the Fire Pit"! 

To kick off the Fall Season I got a little crafty Sunday. Daddy H had acquired several old windows @ an auction. They had been sitting out behind the building in "snake heaven" for a couple years - I'd had many plans for them but never got the time to orchestrate any of them. Sunday - I put my visions to use. I trampled out into the "Anaconda Valley" & grabbed 2 of the windows really quickly. I brought them up beside the house & rinsed them off with the hose pipe (water hose to some). I grabbed my paint & went to town. I'm not an artist by any means! I can barely draw stick people. But with the help of Pinterest I was able to do a fine job if I do say so myself.

I have the perfect place for this little beauty on our Front Porch beside the front door. I think I'm going to attach some heavy duty wire & hang it from the side of the house there & tie a cute burlap bow on the wire. What y'all think?

Plans for the other windows? I've got some other ideas. I did see that there is 1 back there that the glass is busted out of. I think I will attach chicken wire to that one & use it as a picture frame to hang different snap shots on. I'd also like to fix a Christmas painting & one that just says Welcome Y'all where I can just change the bows out by season/holiday. 

Today I'm liking up with Toni @ ABFOL for her One Project at a Time Link up that she does weekly. If you haven't been over & checked out Toni's blog you need to hop on over now. I've been following her for several years now & I love all of her ideas & taste. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed!   


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