Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to Blogging - Part 2

Yesterday I started the Back to Blogging Challenge with The SITS girls ... Today's Part 2 Writing Challenge is Back to School memories

I myself have many memories. I can remember doing my back to school shopping every year with Nanny, Mama & Aunt Sher. Shoes - Shoes were my obsession. I needed the newest shoe on the shelf & they needed to stay clean! I can remember my Nanny dropping me off @ school each year for my first day & I can remember her always being there to pick me up when I got out of school - ready to hear all about my day. Oh how I wish I could go back to those days.

Now I've got 2 girls of my own. Back to School Shopping with those 2 divas is enough to put even the sanest person in a mental institution. This year both of my girls are in Middle School together. H1 is in the 8th - Next year she will travel across the street to become a Freshman. H2 is in the 6th! I love hearing all about their first day back at school. This year I couldn't wait to hear all about how H2 liked the new middle school environment ... She loved it! 

They have grown so much just over the last year. It's just hard to believe. I feel old & I'm only 32!

2013 - 1st day of school

2014 - 1st day of school

 H2 has shot up like a weed. I never realized she had grown in height that much until I compared these pictures.

What are some of your Back to School Memories? Join the linkup & tell us all about them.

Hope you enjoyed my Part 2 of the Back to Blogging Challenge. I can't wait to get many new followers & make some great friendships via my new blog. Thanks for stopping by. 

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