Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap Sept 26-28

 Busy Busy Weekend but it was so much fun! 

Friday night was our high school Homecoming game. H2 went with her friend to the game while H1 & myself went to the wedding rehearsal. Everything went smoothly. I was placed in charge of the music (blindsided) & was so nervous b/c the Groom had chosen a "mystery song" for the Bride so I had to make sure that song DID NOT play during any of the rehearsal. I was sweating bullets the whole time. Luckily I was able to keep it a mystery. After the rehearsal we had a quick little meal for the ones that attending & then we got busy decorating the church & getting it cleaned up for the big day. H1 used this time to practice her walk in heels. She's SUPER clumsy so she needed all the extra practice she could get. My cousin brought H2 to me after the game & stayed to help us get everything ready. While we were cleaning we looked back & found H2 & E (cousin) sleeping on the pews. They were tired. 

Saturday morning we were up bright & early - H2 had her first game @ 9am. They won that game 5-4, then played again @ 12:45 & won that 14-4. I had to leave to go get myself & H1 ready for the wedding. We all got ready at KD's house & was treated to Blushing Bride drinks & finger foods. We had so much fun getting ready together. From there we went to the church & the wedding was absolutely beautiful! H1 done perfect in her heels ... Got to the alter & had to take them off (gracefully). After the wedding H1 got her own chauffeur to the reception in none other than a 2015 Corvette! She was the Princess for the night. Go big or Go home is our motto! We had so much fun @ the reception ... The photo booth was a huge hit. I can't wait until we get the pictures back from the photographer. We left the reception early so that we could make it to the park for H2's final game of the day. They took a hard loss during that game but were 2-1 for the day. We left the ball field around 10 ... went home to wash her uniform & get ready for another full day @ the park on Sunday.

Sunday we got up bright & early again - H2's first game was @ 10:40am. When we got to the park the 1st games of the day were finishing up & we got ready for the Park Devotional. I love that the organization that we play for does a Devotional on Sundays so that everyone can fellowship together & Thank God for all that he has done for us. I love that added extra touch. The girls won their first 2 games (5-4 & 7-6) to take them to the 3rd place game. They lost again to the same team they had lost to on Saturday night but still brought home a 3rd place finish. This is a new team & their 2nd tournament together as well as in a new age bracket. We were all very proud of their accomplishments & finish. After the game we went by & grabbed a bite to eat & went home to get ready for the week. 

Sunday would have also been my Nanny's 73rd Birthday. This year she was able to celebrate it in Heaven. It's so hard to believe that it's been 6 weeks since she suffered her last hardest hours of her life & took her last breath & entered into Heaven. I miss her more & more everyday. She was H2's biggest softball fan. Before she got sick she didn't miss a tournament. After she got sick she done everything she could to be at all the local ones if she could. If not she called every little bit to check on the score & how they were doing. The whole team called her Nanny! My phone rang once yesterday & for just a split second I thought it was her calling to see how they were doing. I know she had that front seat up in the clouds yesterday watching down on her baby girl on the field. She had the best seat in the house. We move on with our lives but missing her never gets any easier. She was my best friend for 32 years .... A1 from Day 1 that's for sure. 

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Weekend Recap

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